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Sysprep: clonare e distribuire installazioni di Window

  1. Utilizzare Sysprep è molto semplice. Lo troviamo nella cartella C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep, e possiamo eseguirlo dal prompt mediante questa semplice riga di comando: Sysprep /generalize /shutdown /oobe. Il comando /generalize rimuove tutte le informazioni univoche da un'installazione di Windows
  2. 2. Type cd \Windows\System32\Sysprep and then press Enter. 3. Type sysprep and then press Enter to open Sysprep GUI mode. 4. Choose Enter System Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE) and tick the Generalize checkbox. Select Shutdown from the drop-down menu. Then click OK. Tips: To explore the command line mode, you can type sysprep /h and then press Enter at Step 3
  3. Sysprep support in Windows Server 2008 Sysprep support in Windows Server 2008 R2 Sysprep support in Windows Server® 2012; Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) No. No. No. Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) No. No. No. Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) No. No. No. Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS.
  4. sysprep.exe. sysprep.exe è un file eseguibile sul disco rigido del tuo computer. Questo file contiene codice macchina. Se avvii il software Microsoft® Windows® Operating System sul PC, i comandi contenuti in sysprep.exe verranno eseguiti sul tuo PC
  5. Sysprep allows you to delete all the information related to a specific operating system. This includes unique identifiers (SID, GUID, etc.), the Windows activation reset, and installing apps and drivers in the Audit mode. All the configuration of the operating system before you run Sysprep remains untouched
  6. Sysprep has been the go-to utility for a long time for preparing Windows images for deployment. When I was lead author of the team that wrote the Windows 7 Resource Kit for Microsoft Press, we made sure that we devoted almost a quarter of our almost 1,800 page book to the topic of creating, preparing, deploying, and maintaining Windows images using such tools as the built-in Sysprep.exe.
  7. To Sysprep Windows Server 2016, Log In to a Windows Server 2016 Server and go to: C:\Windows\system32\sysprep. Double Click on Sysprep.exe. Select the settings as seen below, Use Reboot If you need to boot the Server to a capture Image. Use Shutdown If using It as a cloned Virtual Machine. Wait for the process to Finish

Salve come avevo scritto in un altro post ho dei problemi con la sysprep su dei PC clonati, in pratica la sysprep funziona sul PC in cui ho installato W10 ma non funziona in quelli clonate. Mi chiedevo se è sempre necessaria la sysprep per inserire dei pc W10 clonati in un dominio. Saluti Giuseppe · Ciao, certo, per forza, altrimenti se li cloni. La directory i386 contiene tutti i file di installazione necessari per costruire il sistema operativo Windows XP . Un file Sysprep.inf viene generato una volta si crea la directory iniziale di preparazione sistema ed eseguire il file eseguibile di Sysprep For example, if you have already downloaded apps on a Windows 8.1 or 10 machine where you want to run the sysprep command, the sysprepact log file (setupact.log) which is created under C:\Windows\System32\sysprep\Panther folder displays the following error(s): [0x0f0036] SYSPR Come Eseguire Il Sysprep - Windows 10. vi scrivo per cercare di capire bene quando sia effettua il sysprep, ovvero prima di eseguire l'immagine di backup da distribuire o dopo? Con Windows 10 Fall Creators in particolare, mi dice che non è possibile eseguire la convalida dell'installazione When you use the System Preparation Tool (Sysprep) or Windows Vista Setup to apply the FolderLocations unattend settings, some system directory junctions do not point to the new target location. Support for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) ends on July 12, 2011

How to Use Sysprep in Windows 10 Step by Step

Sysprep is a tool used to automate the setup of Windows virtual machines; for example, configuring host names, network interfaces, authorized keys, set up users, or to connect to Active Directory. Sysprep is installed with every version of Windows You can create the Sysprep directory in the root folder of drive C from the command prompt. Your next step will be to copy the files required to run the utility from the Windows XP CD to the..

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sysprep.exe - Che cosa è sysprep.exe

  1. Run Sysprep You should now be ready to run sysprep on the computer. Note: I highly recommend that you take an image of your image computer before you run sysprep. Things DO go wrong and being able to get back to a pre-sysprep state will save you a lot of time and heart-ache. From within the configured profile you've created, open a command.
  2. Windows Server How-To. How To Make Sysprep Work with Windows 10, Part 2. If things do go wrong with your Windows 10 template, here's how to fix it (most of the time)
  3. Hello! I've been working with WDS off and on for months and I have yet to fully understand some of the proceedural things going on behind the scenes. I'm having a very hard time trying to automating deployments and having my unattended files be processed as I intend them to be. I configured an · It is possible that you got the unattend.
  4. istrator manages the group as a single object. In Windows, there are 7 types of groups: two domain group types with three scope in each and a local security group
  5. istratori di generare dinamicamente SID unici come parte della distribuzione di sysprep, cosa che un semplice strumento di imaging del disco non può fare. Se hai più di 2 computer che devono essere preparati per un do

Sysprep Windows 10 Machine: Step by Step Guide - TheITBro

  1. I file Sysprep sono richiesti soltanto per alcuni sistemi operativi Microsoft obsoleti. Se il cloud in uso non necessita di supportare la personalizzazione guest per tali sistemi operativi, non sarà necessario installare i file Sysprep. Per installare i file binari Sysprep, copiarli in una posizione specifica nel server
  2. This will allow sysprep to provide a random name for the computer after sysprep. <CopyProfile>true</CopyProfile> Select all Open in new window. This tells sysprep to copy the configured profile you've created to the default profile. <SkipRearm>0</SkipRearm> Select all Open in new window. Set SkipRearm to 1 while customizing your computer
  3. The vCenter Server installer creates a Sysprep directory in ALLUSERSPROFILE. The ALLUSERSPROFILE location is usually \Documents And Settings\All Users\. The vpxd.cfg file is also in this location. On Windows 2008, the file location is C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware VirtualCenter\sysprep\
  4. In Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, the Sysprep.exe utility is located in folder C:WindowsSystem32sysprep directory. The Sysprep utility greatly simplifies the installation and configuration of the operating system in a large company

So, normaly you need to have Sysprep tools to clone or convetrt your system. With the Windows server vCenter you must install tgem for each version. If you have XP CD you can find it : The System Preparation Tool (Sysprep) utility is located on the Windows product CD in the /Support/Tools/Deploy. cab file Now save the file as relocateusers.xml and save it to root directory of any directory except the C: Drive. We saved it to root directory of E: drive. II. Run Sysprep. 1. Now right click on Start button and select Command Prompt (Admin). 2. To ensure that WMP Network Sharing Service is stopped, give the following command: net stop wmpnetworksvc. 3

Questo sito utilizza cookie per analisi, contenuti personalizzati e pubblicità. Continuando a navigare questo sito, accetti tale utilizzo. Scopri di pi The sysprep logs will explicitly tell you which App your sysprep is failing on if your two lists are disparate. 4. Reply. Share. Report Save. lotta Active Directory stuff. Data recovery, rebuild old machines, upgrade old machines. I'm loving it! everyday I go in I'm still in AWE that I made it. TLDR: thanks. Edited because I want more. Run sysprep again. Solution 3: Uninstall MSDTC. Lastly, if the issue doesn't fix even after changing the GeneralizationState key value, you will have to uninstall MSDTC and then reinstall it. Here's how to do it: Press Windows Key + X and select Command Prompt (Admin) from the list to open an elevated command prompt

How to run Sysprep on Windows 10 - TechGeni

La directory i386 contiene tutti i file di installazione necessari per costruire il sistema operativo Windows XP. Dopo aver creato la directory di sistema preparazione iniziale ed eseguire il file eseguibile di SysPrep, viene generato un file Sysprep. inf. Questo file contiene i percorsi delle directory che la preparazione sistema andrà a cercare durante la preparazione dell'immagine In Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, the Sysprep.exe utility is located in folder C:\Windows\System32\sysprep directory. Using the Sysprep utility greatly simplifies the installation and configuration of the operating system in a large company Teams. Q&A for work. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Learn mor

In Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016, the Sysprep.exe utility is located in folder C:\Windows\System32\sysprep directory. The Sysprep utility greatly simplifies the installation and configuration of the operating system in a large company Open the command Prompt and browse towards the directory where the .exe file is saved. Enter the name of the .exe file with the /x switch to extract the files as similar to the below command and Specify the directory to extract the Sysprep files. WindowsServer2003.windowsXP-KB26028-v3-x64-ENU.exe / If the computer is joined to a domain, Sysprep removes the computer from the domain. Destroying SIDs and removing a DC from the domain are irreversable actions that have rendered your DC unusable. Because you have no other DCs in the domain, you will need to recreate your active directory domain from scratch Sysprep is very useful in preparing an image for cloning / imaging by stripping all specialization from the installation like: drives, SID, PNP enumeration, name and more. Including the startprep file and moving the unattend file.xml into the sysprep directory. #6. To generalize the Windows Virtual Machine, follow the below steps: 1- Sign in to your Windows VM. 2- Open the Run command by pressing Windows key+R button. Change the directory to %windir%\system32\sysprep and then hit Ok

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Yes, you can. In Active Directory you will need to delete the computer object of your problem server and then rejoin it to the Domain. This will get you a new SID for the server. However, doing this creates a new Computer Object for your server so all of its group memberships, permissions, etc. will need to be recreated because it has a new SID could not clean image directory. Image is protected. Reply. I Already use the Method mentioned into Tenfourms about coping the profile using sysprep and the customize.xml it seems that most the customized settings already migrated to the new user created but unfortunately most of the windows 10 settings is not migrated such as notifications. For some older sysprep downloads (xp 32bit) there is no deploy.cab, just using the /x switch on the downloaded file will give you all the files that need to go in the proper sysprep directory. For the later versions there is indeed a complete installer etc and all VMWare needs is the content of the deploy.cab file System Preparation tool or Sysprep prepares a computer's hard disk for disk duplication, auditing and customer delivery. In Windows Vista and 7, Sysprep is available in the %WINDIR%\system32\sysprep directory. When talking about XP, Sysprep is the part of Windows XP Deployment Tools, which we can find on XP installation CD in folder \support\tools,. To use SysPrep, specific informations on a System like SID are removed, and it's possible to configure new Windows settings. [1] Right-Click [Start] buttonand select [Run], then input [sysprep]. [2] Click and Run sysprep.exe. [3] Set like follows

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  1. In this article, I'll show you how to SysPrep Windows Server Core 2016 using the sysprep.exe utility. This article will also work with Windows Server 2016 version 1709 which only comes with a Server Core. About SYSPREP Sysprep (System Preparation Tool) Is a built-in tool that comes with Windows Server since the release of Windows Continue reading How to SysPrep Windows Server Core 201
  2. CAUTION : We strongly advise against downloading and copying sysprep.exe to your appropriate Windows system directory.Microsoft typically does not release Windows EXE files for download because they are bundled together inside of a software installer. The installer's task is to ensure that all correct verifications have been made before installing and placing sysprep.exe and all other EXE.
  3. -Changed sysprep_executor so the the unattend file is moved to \windows\system32\sysprep directory.-Changed sysprep_executor to have the sysprep commandline run the shutdown or reboot command.-Changed sysprep_executor so that the GUI goes away when sysprep run.-fixed issue where sysprep_executor was not deleting itself

Come faccio a modificare una SysPrep i386 Directory

Sysprep is the Microsoft system preparation tool used by system administrators often during the automated deployment of Windows Server based operating systems.Sysprep is most frequently used in virtualized environments to prepare a system image which will be cloned multiple times The Panther directory is one of them. If you performed an upgrade installation of Windows the Panther folder can easily fill up multiple gigabytes. Deleting (or renaming it at first) showed no negative effects. C:\Windows\Panther directory is used during the installation of Windows

Durante l'esecuzione di Windows 7 sysprep, la procedura si blocca visualizzando il messaggio Errore irreversibile durante l'esecuzione di sysprep. Il problema si verifica utilizzando sia l'answer file sia con la GUI di sysprep. Dal Command Prompt aperto con privilegi di amministratore, lanciare il comando sysprep Sysprep is installed with every version of Windows. However, you can use the Microsoft-Windows-DeploymentGeneralize setting to prepare the PC for imaging after installation.Running VM mode outside a virtual machine (VM) is unsupported.You cannot use VM mode to prepare a VHD for deployment to any PC Active Directory. Active Directory Domain Service (01) Install Active Directory (02) Configure DC (03) Join in Domain from Clients (04) Add User Accounts Shutdown ⇒ Shutdown after finishing Sysprep [4] When start the System which Sysprep was run, initial setup starts like follows When I run Sysprep on this Dell Latitude E6520 with Windows 7 (x64) Professional and then boot into Windows PE to make an image it tells me The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. I mad The location of the sysprep directory on the vCSA is located in / etc/vmware/vmware-vpx/sysprep/ To get to this location, use a SSH client like WinSCP or FileZilla. The vCSA comes pre-configured with sshd, so no further action needs to be taken here. Login as root | vmwar

Sysprep è uno strumento di preparazione del sistema, che consente di modificare le immagini Windows per portarle ad uno stato generalizzato. Questo software è presente in tutte le installazioni di Windows, ed è molto importante per preparare un sistema per la clonazione e la distribuzione su più macchine in una stessa rete Good morning, At the moment we are using ViaB 4.1.5 (production) and 5.0x(in test). I have discovered a strainge issue. on WIN7 images which i dont have with XP images. When i.e pre-starting 2 WIN7 desktops, during the sysprep it joins the pre-started machines to the domain and registers the VDI.

Video: How to Fix Sysprep was not able to validate your Windows

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This post will go over How to Sysprep & Capture a Windows 10 Image for Windows Deployment Services (WDS). I am going to assume that you have WDS up and running already. If not you might want to check out my other post on how to setup WDS. Since my last post on WDS I have added a Windows 10 Enterprise Install and Boot .wi Sysprep es una herramienta de preparación del sistema que le permite editar imágenes de Windows para llevarlas a un estado general. Este software está presente en todas las instalaciones de Windows, y es muy importante preparar un sistema de clonación y distribución en múltiples máquinas en la misma red. Por lo tanto, es una herramienta [ del /Q /F c:\windows\system32\sysprep\unattend.xml del /Q /F c:\windows\panther\unattend.xml This will remove unattend.xml files once the workstation has been configured in case there have been any administrative passwords defined in the XML file

Navigate to the Sysprep directory by typing: cd c:\Windows\System32\Sysprep. Stop Windows Media Networking Service to avoid errors during Sysprep by typing: net stop wmpnetworksvc. It never was actually started for me, but it might be for you. Just do it to be safe. Now we start Sysprep This directory contains files that are used to determine which operations to perform by Sysprep when it creates a customized Windows AMI that can be reused. Configure EC2Launch v2 using the CLI You can use the Command Line Interface (CLI) to configure your EC2Launch settings and manage the service Meaning of sysprep windows 8.1 fatal error? Un errore o inesattezza, è causato da un errore commettendo errori di calcolo sulle cose che fai. È uno stato di avere un giudizio o una concezione sbagliata nella tua condotta che permette che accadano cose catastrofiche This fix will include a change in the sysprep process which will actually skip the removal of the autopilot file (and if you're using the insider build you can already see this in your generalize.xml file that the offline autopilot directory ins' t wiped anymore)

When you use the System Preparation Tool (Sysprep) or

Sysprep file locations and versions Symptoms. When attempting to customize the deployment of a virtual machine, the radio buttons are disabled (grayed out) Meaning of Sysprep.exe+script=fatal error? Un errore o inesattezza, è causato da un errore commettendo errori di calcolo sulle cose che fai. È uno stato di avere un giudizio o una concezione sbagliata nella tua condotta che permette che accadano cose catastrofiche

Create your Server Core (Sysprep) image on Hyper-V and

Re: Eliminare una struttura di directory durante sysprep « Risposta #2 il: 18/04/2012, 18:56 » Chiaramente, prima di eliminare la directory C:\Users\Public, l'ho copiata in una nuova posizione e ho modificato opportunamente il registro di Windows per fare in modo che, al successivo riavvio , il sistema operativo trovi questa directory nella nuova posizione In that directory copy the sysprep.exe, setupcl.exe and sysprep.inf if you have one. So you would have c:\sysprep with the above files in it. Note: You can also place the sysprep files on a floppy disk instead of the hard drive, and then insert the floppy in the destination computer during boot up virt sysprep vmware, Oct 06, 2014 · As we're hard at work on the 1.26 release of libguestfs which is going to be a blockbuster, with massive improvements to virt-builder, a rewritten and much more flexible and robust appliance, a new guest customization tool, loads of new virt-sysprep features, rewritten virt-make-fs, and lots more. it's worth mentioning that libguestfs is 5 years old. With Windows System Preparation Tool (Sysprep) tool, you can create a fully customized Windows 10 reference image with all apps, drivers and updates installed. This image can be used to quickly deploy Windows to users' computers within your company. In this article, we will show how to use Sysprep to create a reference image o When you run Sysprep, be sure to choose the option to shut down the PC once Sysprep completes. Key to making Sysprep work. As you can see, the key to making Sysprep work with Windows 10 is to disconnect the network adapter to prevent any updates from being installed, remove any unwanted apps, and avoid installing any modern applications

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Basic Autounattend for Sysprep directory (solved with still a little w Facebook; Twitter; MSFN is made available via donations, subscriptions and advertising revenue. The use of ad-blocking software hurts the site. Please disable ad-blocking software or set an exception for MSFN.. Restart your computer and try to run SysPrep again Tip . In case of Windows 10, to make SysPrep work I had to delete all non-standard Modern applications separately (not in the provision mode) installed from Microsoft Store by the system users Sysprep di immagini Windows 10 Guida rapida alle installazioni Push del client di System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Modificare lo schema di Active Directory per personalizzare la copia di utenti Utilizzare un filtro XPath (con query WQL) per ricercare eventi di accesso a file e cartell

Windows Server 2019 : Active Directory : Add User AccountsActive Directory Pentest Lab - Setup | MATRIXWindows Server 2016 : Active Directory : Join in DomainPowerShell: Convert String to Int – TheITBros

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An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon Sysprep is the Microsoft system preparation tool used by system administrators often during the automated deployment of Windows Server based operating systems. Sysprep is most frequently used in virtualized environments to prepare a system image which will be cloned multiple times.. Typically, a system administrator creates a template for a system build and customizes the operating system to. How to SYSPREP a Windows 7/8 PC or Windows Server 2008/2012 in Audit Mode: Browse to C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep folder and launch the SYSPREP executable. In the System Cleanup Action drop down select Enter System Audit Mode. Make sure to check the Generalize checkbox. In the Shutdown options I.

Running Sysprep on Windows XP and Windows Server 200

I created a directory Sysprep in the root of C:\ and copied all the files in the deploy cab to this c:\sysprep directory. I created a sysprep.inf file and placed in the C:\Sysprep directory and ran sysprep util and chose RESEAL>Shutdown then rebooted the machine with GHOST disk to create image file How to Sysprep Windows 8.1 for deployment by Karim Buzdar The Sysprep or System Preparation Tool is used to create a new security identifier (SID) and clean up user-specific and computer-specific settings and data so that an image can be used to deploy windows operating systems on other machines Windows: Sysprep fails with Package xy installed for a user, but not provisioned for all user

Sysprep è uno strumento di preparazione del sistema, che consente di modificare le immagini Windows per portarle ad uno stato generalizzato. Questo software è presente in tutte le installazioni di Windows, ed è molto importante per preparare un sistema per la clonazione e la distribuzione su più macchine in una stessa rete. Si tratta quindi d 10/20/2011 Windows_7_sysprep_MASTER_DOCUMENT.doc Computer Systems Engineer Step #12 On the PC you are going to be running sysprep on, you need to create a folder called scripts in this directory

Note: If you accidentally close the Sysprep dialog, by pressing Cancel, you can get it back on track by opening the executable file sysprep.exe that you will find in C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep\ sysprep.exe.. Caution: Do not open your computer again until you have prepared for Sysprep because this act will undo all of the configuration and you will need to repeat the Sysprep process from. Click browse and navigate to c:\windows\system32\sysprep\unattend.xml. Choose Open. When you are ready, click Start Sysprep and let it finish. The system will Shutdown once complete . NOTE: I've noticed that I need to copy both files above to the desktop before trying to copy the unattend.sml to the sysprep directory When you choose Shutdown with Sysprep in the EC2 Service Properties dialog box, the system runs the ec2config.exe -sysprep command. The EC2Config service reads the content of the BundleConfig.xml file. This file is located in the following directory, by default: C:\Program Files\Amazon\Ec2ConfigService\Settings SYSPREP for Windows Server 2012. Windows Server 2012 R2. I renewed my lab and installed one Windows Server 2012 R2 in a VM. After that Next Post: The Active Directory domain controller appears to be the last DNS server for the following Active Directory-integrated zones Where is Windows Server 2012 Sysprep? Leave a Reply If you are building a Windows Server 2012 lab for testing and want to remove unique information from the Server so you can replicate it rather than run through the install multiple times use Sysprep

How To Sysprep - Sysprep is a Great And powerful tool And

I had a very similar issue myself last week. Windows 10 is very picky when it comes to running sysprep. I also removed several built in apps on my build just to have sysprep fail. What I ended up doing is setting the autoadmin count to 1, then run a script to call a power shell to delete the apps post sysprep. and reboot Learn how to use Sysprep for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Sysprep is a critical step to deploying new system images - both for client computers and servers. If you do not run sysprep, you can quickly run in to problems when uniquely identifying information about your source machine is duplicated across the network Creare la directory c:sysprep e copiarci dentro i seguenti file: cvtarea.exe deploy.chm factory.exe oformat.com readme.txt ref.chm setupcl.exe setupmgr.ex Quindi, per farla breve, vorrei sapere se sysprep oobe/generalize/shutdown può essere eseguito in remoto preferibilmente su un'attività PS. Capisco che l'altra parte (esportare il disco e tutto il resto) può essere, ma se sysprep può essere fatto da remoto niente del genere. Ho provato questo e ho ottenuto quello che volevo sysprep free download. TechyGeeksHome Providing open source, publicly available files to assist fellow IT professionals together with ou

[Archivio] Sysprep fa i capricci Microsoft Windows 95,98,ME,NT,2000,XP,2003. Salve ragazzi, sono incappato in un problema strano che affligge sicuramente tanti di voi, utilizzando sysprep per. I was going sysprep a base image of Windows Server 2008 this morning and followed my own instructions on sysprepping Windows.I went to the installation DVD and couldn't find sysprep. A quick google later and a bit of poking around revealed that sysprep is now installed by default on Windwos Server 2008 Virt-sysprep resets or unconfigures a virtual machine so that clones can be made from it. Steps in this process include removing SSH host keys, removing persistent network MAC configuration, and removing user accounts. Each step can be enabled or disabled as required Launch Sysprep Creator from All Programs\Quest\KACE\Sysprep Creator\Sysprep Creator.exe. You will be prompted with a UI, in which you will need to define the OS and Architecture you wish to build an unattend.xml for as well as your desired output. You will now be prompted with a UI with a total of 8 tabs.

7.9. Using Sysprep to Automate the Configuration of ..

Sysprep with /generalize switch failing is most often caused by app provisioning. This became an issue in W10 version 1709 and later, because Microsoft changed how built-in admin account works. Earlier, it was not possible to use any UWP apps with built-in admin account, but since version 1709, you can use it as any normal user account, even switch it to a Microsoft account Yesterday I was asked by an IT guy if the use of newsid.exe against a cloned Windows 2012 R2 virtual machine would work to prevent SID conflict. Well, what he didn't know, is that newsid is old history now (even the download is no more available) and that a new wonderful switch in the Sysprep utility is born to make the job of generalizing your master VM become a breeze The contents of the Sysprep deploy.cab file must be extracted to the Sysprep Directory on the vCenter Server host. If the file downloaded from the Microsoft Web Site is a .cab file, the Installing the Microsoft Sysprep Tools in the vSphere Virtual Machine Administration guide details how to install the Sysprep Tools If you check this message, you will see that you have the solution right in front of you. We need to run the tool named SysPrep. The SysPrep (or System Preparation) tool should sounds familiar to every seasoned Windows admin. Yes, with the SysPrep tool we can delete the SID and all other settings, leaving the machine in an uninitialized state

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Sysprep custom-built Windows VMs. This article describes how to complete the Sysprep process on Windows virtual machines. These instructions apply to newer Windows operating systems (for example: Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012) installed on empty Skytap VMs, as well as newer Windows VMs built outside of Skytap Virt-sysprep can reset or unconfigure a virtual machine so that clones can be made from it. Steps in this process include removing SSH host keys, removing persistent network MAC configuration, and removing user accounts. Virt-sysprep can also customize a virtual machine, for instance by adding SSH keys, users or logos From Microsoft system point of view, SID should be unique for every computer device that connected to the Active Directory. Sysprep is a tool that will regenerate a unique SID for the operating system, and also it will clear off temporary files, and some of the Internet history records on the based image before you clone it Pay attention here - running sysprep on your Azure virtual machine will start you down a path where that virtual machine will no longer boot, and when you complete the operation by running Capture, the virtual machine will be deleted from your Azure subscription. If this is not your desired outcome, don't start down this path Hi - I'm hoping someone can shed some light on a folder I find in my windows directory, that includes a log file that looks like it's installing something to call out of my PC - and usually phone home progs aren't good things, esp. if you haven't installed them yourself Part of the deployment involves running sysprep to prepare a new gold image for Windows 10. However, when running sysprep from Windows Run command line, it fails without displaying any errors. Looking through the sysprep log file located in C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep\Panther\setuperr.log displays the following errors

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